Signing of annexes to the agreements for 2023

A raffle will be held for rent discounts for the autumn-winter period and for 2023 to encourage its conscientious payers based on the results of 9 months of 2022.

To prepare annexes to contracts for the provision of services and lease of premises in the Shopping Center, please submit proposals for changes by filling out the form in the section "Services" in the submenu "Services and rent". In the absence of offers by November 20, 2022, annexes to the contracts will be prepared based on the data of 2022.

Addendums to the contracts for services and lease of commercial premises for 2023 must be signed by November 30, 2022. Addendums to lease agreements for retail premises and services will be ready for signing by administrators after November 22, 2022.


Men's Women's Children's clothing. Discounts for schoolchildren and students.

Fashion is a reflection of the worldview of still very young girls and boys, who look for an opportunity to show their youthful individuality in every item of clothing or footwear, taking the courage to choose the newest ideas in order to always stay on the wave of the latest trends.

New autumn-winter collections of children's clothes are already waiting for you. This season, there are even more models made of fibers and organic cotton, stylish novelties and favorite classics in incredible colors, weightless down, new fluffy fleece, monomaterial from secondary fiber, favorite coffee fabric.

For faster orientation in stores, you can use the search filters "Clothes/Shoes/..." and then "Men's /Women's/Children's/..." in the section "shops" .

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Let there be joy in measure, sadness in measure, Let there be frost and snow in moderation, But let there be only happiness Always bottomless and immeasurable.


Buy quality and comfort at a reasonable price. For faster orientation in stores, you can use the search filters "Clothes/Shoes/..." and then "Men's /Women's/ Children's/..." in the section "shops" . It is better to use the list mode, which gives a list of all stores.